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Stockholmsmässan is a full service agency in stand production and by us, you can rent or buy everything you need for your participation. No matter if you order expo materials or an entire stand solution of us, so it is delivered to your stand area when you arrive at move-in. We are on site throughout the event if you need to supplement with something or if something needs to be fixed.

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    Maximize your fair

    Now it's time to fill your booth with content.

    Which chairs, tables, counters and podiums etc. suit you best?

    Are you looking for ready-made packages or do you want to furnish your stand yourself?

    We have everything for a successful trade fair. In the web shop you will find our entire range of products and services.

    We can also help you develop a unique design for you and your participation. Get inspired and find all the information you need to make your vision a reality!


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  • Lighting

    Create a unique light solution.

    Lighting plays a key role in the ultimate impression visitors receive of your stand. With the right lighting you can ensure your stand gets the attention it deserves. Carefully selected light sources focus on what you would like to enhance, namely your products.

    We offer complete package solutions and tailored lighting designs. Whatever you require, we will do our best to meet your needs and preferences. We have most styles of fixtures available, whether you are looking for conventional light sources, mobile gobos or eco-friendly LED lighting.


  • Graphic production

    Our in-house graphic production unit offers a full-service package for exhibitors. We supply directly to your stand so that everything is ready to go when you arrive. You can easily make any final amendments on-site.

    We help you with graphic design and can produce anything you might need, from posters and signs to banners and printed material. We provide cost-efficient support to ensure that your participation in the exhibition is successful from start to finish.

    No tasks are too small and no ideas are too big. Contact Event Services for a quote and a solution that’s right for you.

  • Audio-visual media

    Music. Slide shows. Movies. Interactive presentations. If used correctly, audio-visual technology can heighten visitors’ experiences.

    When you hire equipment from Stockholmsmässan, you get the latest technology; you know that everything’s ready and waiting when you arrive and that everything works exactly as planned. If you need help during the event, our on-site technicians can quickly come to your aid.

     We can provide a quote for any special solutions – no request is too big or too small. Please contact Event Services for an offer.

  • Transports to and from the stand

    We solve your transportation problems! We have a whole department ready to assist you with your logistic matters. We can pick up your cargo at your door and deliver back to same location after the event. You only need to pack and mark the goods accordingly, lean back and see your materials comfortable being delivered to your stand, safely and in time. Place your booking or quote request on our seamless Door-Stand-Door service and free up time for yourself to spend on the things that matter for you and your company.
    Door-Stand-Door »

    It is of course possible to use parts of our transport service.
    If you notice after an event that you have a lot goods need to be returned home we can arrange it for you. You only need to pack and mark the equipment accordingly and we will take it from your stand directly to the requested address.
    Return transport »

    For transports to and from locations outside of EU we do need an invoice for customs purposes, if you don´t have any in own format you can use our template.
    Please make sure that your company has a valid exhibition insurance including transport and cargo coverage. If you don´t have this, please reach out to Event Services and they can help you get one.

  • Shipping address

    Goods transported to an exhibition should be addressed to:

    Stockholmsmässan, Godsmottagningen
    “Company name”
    “Stand number”
    Parkeringsvägen 10
    SE-125 30 Älvsjö, Sweden

    (Postal address: Stockholmsmässan, SE- 125 80 Stockholm, Sweden) 

    Incoming goods are unloaded and received at Goods Inwards. If goods arrive before the official move-in date, they will be placed in storage and the exhibitor will be invoiced for this cost according to the current price list. As soon as moving in is allowed, the goods will be moved into the exhibition hall.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Logistics Group,

  • Loading and/or unloading help

    If you have goods that weigh over 1000kg or have a volume greater than 4/qbm, you’ll have to book a time slot for the loading and/or unloading no later than 4 working days before you require the service from Stockholmsmässan. If the goods you are bringing to the event weigh less than 1000kg, have a smaller volume than 4/qbm or if you do not need Stockholmsmässan to assist in the loading/unloading, you do not need to book a time slot.

    If you have ordered our door-stand-door service, you do not have to book a time slot either.

    Please note that you have to book a time slot even if you have Expostart/Puff in your stand order.

    Time slots for loading/unloading

    The logistics department’s working hours are generally between 07:00-16:00 on Monday through Friday, which gives you the following times that are available for a time slot booking

    Unloading        Loading

    07:00                07:00
    08:00                08:00
    09:00                09:30
    10:00                12:00
    12:00                13:30
    13:00                15:00

    Note that the amount of loading/unloading per time-slot varies and depends on which event the booking is in regards to.
    A time-slot booking fee of SEK 300 will apply.

    If you have not pre-booked a time slot or if you do not show up for the reserved time slot, your loading/unloading will be classified as a “not booked time slot” and you will be charged with a 50% surplus on the original price for the handling of your goods.

    Should your goods arrive before the official move in time or if you pick up your goods after the official move out time, your goods may be subject to a storing fee.

    Price list Logistics  

    Service                                  Fee

    Loading/unloading              SEK 270 per pallet
    Not pre-booked loading/unloading      SEK 400 per pallet
    Storage of empty packing        SEK 270/qbm
    Priority of empties      SEK  505/qbm
    Storage (5 days)                    SEK 270/sqm
    Booking fee               SEK 300

  • Exhibition Insurance

    A simple and very affordable insurance that covers all of your trade fair participation.

    The Exhibition insurance that you sign for when you book your stand space covers an insured value of up to SEK 225 000 for a premium of SEK 1 195 per exhibitor. One phone call is enough to increase the insured value on payment of an additional premium equivalent to 0.4% of the additional insured value. These favourable rates are possible through a group insurance policy for our exhibitors.

    The scope of the policy is as follows and applies throughout the EU/EFTA: (For exhibitors outside EU/EFTA the insurance applies only within the exhibition grounds at Stockholmsmässan.)

    - Your property is comprehensively insured during transit to and from the trade fair, including loading and unloading.
    - Your property is comprehensively insured during exhibition at the trade fair, including assembly and dismantling.
    - Additional generous cover for personal luggage and costs in the event of illness or accident.
    - The deductible is SEK 1 000 per loss/incidence of theft. For claims resulting form burglary and theft fromm a vehicle/trailer owned by the insured, the deductible is 20 % of the loss amount or a minimum of SEK 5 000 wichever is higher.
    - Additional claim-related costs are covered up to 10% of the insured value.
    - Covers exhibitors, coexhibitors and represented businesses on your stand.

    Why is it important to be properly insured?

    Transport to and from your participation at Stockholmsmässan:

    · If your goods are being transported by an independent transport company, the goods are not insured if they are damaged during transport.
    · If your goods are damaged during transport with an independent transport company and the transport company accepts responsibility for the damages, remuneration is limited to SEK 150/kg within Sweden. If the transport company does not accept responsibility for the damages, there is no remuneration at all.
    · If your goods are being transported with your own vehicle and are damaged, the vehicle’s insurance does not cover the damaged goods.
    · Your goods could disappear/be stolen during transport.

    During your participation in the exhibition at Stockholmsmässan:

    · If material you rented from Stockholmsmässan is damaged, according to the rental contract you are liable for reimbursement for the incurred damages.
    · Your goods may be damaged or stolen or disappear during the exhibition.

    Stockholmsmässan's exhibition insurance is an affordable way to be properly insured, and it is an excellent complement to your business insurance.

  • Data communication and network

    Stockholmsmässan offers state-of-the-art technology for both wireless and fixed networks based on and designed for the latest standards. Our infrastructure covers the whole premises including exhibition halls, meeting rooms and all other public areas.

    Fixed networks (LAN)

    Stockholmsmässan offers reliable fixed network connections to any point in our facility with connection speeds from 10 Mbit/s up to 1 Gbit/s with redundant internet connection. We offer tailor made network solutions for your business critical applications, designed to meet the highest requirements.

    Wireless networks (wifi)

    Stockholmsmässan also offers wi-fi networks to meet your requirements on wireless communication. We have extensive experience and knowledge in designing and implementing high capacity wireless networks. Our cutting edge wifi infrastructure supports the latest ac-standard and covers the whole premises with 420 access points ensuring market leading coverage and capacity.

    Free wifi

    Stockholmsmässan provides you with the wi-fi network stockholmsmassan in all our public areas. The network is open to all visitors and exhibitors and offers the possibility to check emails, surf the web and interact in social media free of charge.

    Visitor and exhibitor equipment may cause disturbances in the network. Stockholmsmässan cannot guarantee that this, free of charge, wireless network is fully functional at all times.


    The Internet connection is open to internet. All users are responsible for the security and protection of connected devices like for example firewall and anti-virus protection.

    We recommend

    For surfing the web, checking emails and for social media interaction our free of charge wifi network will be sufficient in most situations. As it is free of charge we do not provide any end user support. Visitor and exhibitor equipment may cause disturbances in the network. Stockholmsmässan cannot guarantee that this, free of charge, wireless network is fully functional at all times.

    To ensure highest reliability and capacity we always recommend fixed connections for all business critical applications.


    Technical support is always included in the price for paid connections whether they are fixed or wireless.

    Contact Event Services for more information.

    For detailed technical inquiries please contact Customer IT on


  • Food and beverage

    Treat your customers to something tasty

    Give your visitors something extra. Offer something big or small, creative or simple. Mässrestauranger AB stand catering ensures that your exhibition experience runs smoothly and pleasantly.

    Place your orders directly with the Stand Catering web shop or call +46 8 727 72 40.


  • Order in time for best price

    For the best possible service from Stockholmsmässan and to be sure of getting the products and services you need – order in time. This will allow us to deliver services of a higher quality and on top of that you will get the best price.

    If you order no later than 3 weeks before the official moving-in date, we reward you by offering the lowest price for construction and stand equipment. Orders received later are subject to a 30% surcharge on the price up until the moving-in date. If you order during the official moving-in period or the actual event, a 50% surcharge will apply.

    Please order before these dates to obtain the lowest price:


    Formex 18-12-10
    CANT 19-01-02
    Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 19-01-03
    Antikmässan 19-01-21
    Sy- & Hantverksfestivalen 19-01-22
    Entreprenörskap på riktigt 19-01-24
    Bröllopsfeber 19-01-30
    Allt för sjön 19-02-05
    Baltic Sea Future 19-02-14
    Grundläggningsdagen 19-03-14
    Nordiska Trädgårdar 19-02-25
    Explore/Foto 19-02-26
    Bilar som Jobbar 19-03-05
    Lifestyle Motor Show 19-03-05
    Lifestyle Motor Home 19-03-05
    Lifestyle Motor Show II 19-03-05
    Malt, Mat & Destillat 19-03-06
    ARCHITECT @ WORK 19-03-07
    Axfood Servicehandelsdagar 19-03-17
    Racket 19-03-20
    UDT 19-04-15
    EW Europe 19-04-15
    ITEC 19-04-15
    ICONFEST 19-04-23
    Avfall Sverige 19-04-25
    Global Public Transport Summit 19-05-14
    EBAday 19-05-20